92 ancient Egyptian amulets missing from Aswan storage site
Antiquities ministry has alerted police at port sites because of risk of smuggling. Por Nevine El-Aref

A number of ancient Egyptian faience amulets have been stolen from a storage gallery in Aswan.

According to a press release from the Ministry of State of Antiquities (MSA), the loss of the amulets was discovered earlier this week.

"I reported the case to the Tourism and Antiquities Police in order to take all legal procedures to catch the criminals and to return the amulet back," Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online.

He said that investigations have started and the details of these amulets are to be sent to the police stations at all international transit ports in Egypt, as well as to Interpol, in order to prevent smuggling.

Fuente: ahramonline.com
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